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fall down again, bella?

no, emmett, i punched a werewolf in the face.

&&the lion fell in love with the lamb. .♥.
12 November
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i'm forever black eyed, the product of a broken home. i wrote this novel just for you, its sounds pretentious but its true. when you cum you never make a single sound, i'll be watching when hes around. he never scores, he just gets an infection, hey you.. hey you [.hes a burger queen.]. come on fallen star, i refuse to let you die. you're the one whos always chokin' trojan, you're the one whos always bruised and broken, sleeps the enemy but so's another lie. days before you came, counting breaths inside me, even crack cocaine couldnt start to hide me. i'm in the basement, you're in the sky.. i'm in the basement baby.. drop on by; hold your breath and count to ten, fall apart then start again. sucker love is heaven sent, you pucker up i'm passion spent. i was hanging from a tree, unaccustomed to such violence.. jesus looking down on me.. i'm prepared for one big silence. your eyes are almost dead, can't get out of bed and you can't sleep. i'll be your ether, you'll breath me in.. no release.. i'll be your father, i'll be your mother, i'll be your lover.. i'll be yours. me and my valuable friend can fix all the pain away, so before i end my day, remember.. my sweet prince, you are the one. it seemed, a place for us to dream..you'd better keep it in check before you end up a wreck and never, wake up. just a peeping tom, on my own for far too long.. problems with the blues, nothing left to lose; i'm weightless. 4 7 2 3 9 8 5 i gotta breathe to stay alive and 1 4 2 9 7 8 feels like i'm gonna suffocate.. 14 16 22 the skin that turns to blister blue.. shoulders toes to knees - i'm 36 degrees. harder faster, forever after.. none of you can make the grade. we were born to lose. got a headrush in her pocket; two rubberse, two lubes, and a silver rocket.. hang on to your IQ, to your ID. i know you want the sin without the sinner..i know.. i know; i know, the past will catch you up as you run faster. this lady of the flowers and her hypnotic gaze, excuse me? i apologize. does his makeup in his room, douse himself with cheap perfume.. eye holes in a paper bag.. greatest lay i've ever had.

"You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming? That's where I'll always love you, Peter Pan. That's where I'll be waiting."
~♥ Tinkerbell ♥~

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by: ainodeluca