bella running new moon

home again, home again, jiggity jig.

is what i can take away from the past year or so of my life. &&it has treated me well. =]]

i am not tired..
im hungry..
&&im bored.

such a combination.

OH! i exposed peaches to Brand Upon the Brain.
its an indie film.
&&its most amazing.

you can rent it off of netflix, but im not sure of where to buy it.

mmmm pasta, sauce, &&cheese.
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bella running new moon


i get to see my peaches tonight. =]]
i haven't seen them in DAYS.

&&this cunty bitch i cannot stand will most likely be heading to jail asap.
fucking amazing, perfect.
just what i needed. =]]

why is livejournal's birthday every fucking day? .. BTW.
the stupid cake shit has been there for over a month. -.-

i really love grey's anatomy.
its beyond amazing.
do it.

okies, off to peachy pies. =]]
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bella running new moon


its been a while.. yet again. =p

yes, i suck, haha. &&i am on twitter. =]]
follow me, do it.

still single, still loving it. ^_^
&&i have found out who my true friends are, yet again.


i am going to see MOUNTAIN on the 19th with kat, brian &&moe next week!!

&i have figured out my career path, doctor. BUT i will start out as an RN and start a family before i let it consume me.
[residency, 48 hour shifts being a doctor in the beginning.]

i bet theres much to discuss, but nothing comes to mind...
so i WILL be updating shortly with lots more!
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bella running new moon

single. =]]

things have been interesting to say the least..

i am single once more but i am feeling really really good about it. i always seem to find the dysfunctional ones, haha. its alright though because i consider her a learning experience.. i've always found myself with people who are mentally off, in a bunch of different ways.

from now on, though.. its just going to be me, myself, and i. =]] &&i am really loving the sound of that. sure, being in a relationship is lovely.. but only when things work the way they ought to. i just hope laura gets her shit together; her communication issues, her drinking issues, privacy issues, etc taken care of so it doesn't effect her the rest of her life.

what's even stranger is that i feel amazing and unscathed from this. i am not really upset, i haven't really cried or felt the urge to cry. in a weird way its almost like, its just laura. from all the stupid bullshit and arguments she's put me through i guess thats where it stands. even listening to "our song" makes me happy.. because i feel freed. i feel like, gosh its really hard to put into words. i almost dont even want to admit that was our song because when i listen to it, i dont think of her... &&i dont think i ever really did. i actually feel relieved, like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

delta is still panning out really well for me, i love it ever so much. =]] i am smoking cigarettes again, quitting and i have yet to agree for more than a few months.. but its alright because i don't think i am ready to quit just yet.

hmm.. im going to go play some call of duty nazi zombies... =]]

Jenny BRUTAL.♥
bella running new moon

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

good afternoooon loverfaces.

today is St. Patrick's Day... &&i am excited for this one.

fuck yes, with my besties.


today is MY friday [im off wed/thurs] so i am super excited for no work tomorrow..
AND I MIGHT cancel the dentist.. again. :x cause i just.. yeah.

i think im going to start updating again, whynot. =]]

Miss JennyBRUTAL, folksssss.
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bella running new moon

so so long.

apparantly its been ages since an update!!

&&i guess its much needed.

i am still single, and i am still loving it.
its beautiful to be free

i've started to update my meg community everyday now
because its WORTH it.

i'm working for J F K still, Delta Airlines &&ii am loving every minute of it.. i have never worked a job for so long and been so happy continuously. its liberating and grounding at the same time because everyday its abuse from passengers, verbally of course. but it doesn't matter to me because it rolls off my back and a smile appears on my lips.

another awesome thing, i rekindled a friendship with vanessa [which is amazing, we have big plans to open up a bar MATELEAS] and kat is one of my best friends.. i have to say life is amazing. :D

i found out a girl i thought was a good person, well.. a decent person and she ended up stealing money from my best friend who she was STAYING with..
hes such a grimey bitch.. shes lucky i didn't knock her to the ground because STEAL SHIT GET HIT...

fucking bitches..

anyway .. i suppose ill update every now and again..
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bella running new moon

its been a while..


check out the sky,
the stars are spinning webs around all my precious spiders

end transmission.
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bella running new moon


i've got much confidence that i'm going to be a-ok.

the world is full of liars and cheaters

but the world is also full of people like me,
people who want love.. true love.

so with careful searching.. one day i'll find someone real, as real as i am.

of course my heart is still hurting,
but time heals all wounds.

my friend came by with her boyfriend to drop me off flowers
and it was the single most sweetest thing ever done for me.
thank you, kat. =]]

jons asleep on my floor right now because we were up till 7am.. i feel young again. free, again. i'm a hurt bird learning how to fly again.

&even though todays supposed to be my one year with this stranger i was dating, i feel so happy. because i am free of her lies, her twisted truth, and her jealous grasp.

=]] lets celebrate jenny being jenny.
fuck, you can even call me Jen from now on.
anything but jennifer. hmm.. Jenny sounds younger. ;p

but anyhow.
i am back.
i am better.
im getting healthier
ill be prettier with time</big>