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work, work, work.
&&ive accumulated cookies while im here!
i love when flight attendants gives us stuffs.
woohoo =]]

i am sleepy today.. and i have makeup on so i can't rub my eyes... hmmmmmmmm. my friends are protesting the Avatar movie-- &&they are certainly correct in doing so-- but i am not joining them because i want to see jackson rathbone lmfso. but i prob won't see it until it is out of theaters. so fuck em. =]

yesterday was my sister's birthday so we hung out and swam for a few hours [after work]. THEN we were goofballs in the camper for the rest of the night. :D i had a lot of fun, and i am sure they did too. :D

tonight, maybe peachy pie.
thatd be awfully amazing.

ack flight time :D
fuck yes.
something to do.
i win.

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