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my phone call from New Moon director Chris Weitz !!

**if you are looking for my newest posts, scroll past this entry**

OKAY! so i won a contest, from Twilight's official twitter.. so i've been communicating via phone and email with Summit Entertainment as to when the phone call will take place depending on availability.. and today was the day of the phone call!!

Chris said he was glad I won the contest and that he really enjoyed my questions! =]]

the following, due to demand and my own desire, are my questions and Chris Weitz's answers! (some parts are paraphrased)

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It was truly amazing. =]]

&additional thanks to every single person who took the time to read and/or comment this post.

xo Jenny BRUTAL.

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its really been a while, as i always say... and things are kind of crazy on the forefront but cooling off, thankfully... hopefully.

its so strange how old this thing is, ive had this since high school... memories, memories ! i think im going to read some old posts for fun :]

peace, love, and kstew <3
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ahhhh. =]] working today? yes. Gate 19? of course ! i love it though, Tischard is here with me today.. waiting on this release to finish for DCA.. crew is here waiting. =]]

so, that certain someone decided they didn't want to be friends anymore with no reason at all.. and they won't give me any reason. SO it is what it is, i'm still friends with their boyfriend so i'm happy. its just insane to me, friends for years with no intense arguements then all of a sudden we aren't friends. deaded.

okay, this captain needs to show so i can get these people on their way to DCA.... meh. >.<

i really need to get on this volunteer emt shit, they havent called me back yet though.. so time to harass them. then ill be on my way to becoming a paramedic =]] which is going to be amazingggggg. i am having doubts though, about brightwaters.. its mostly medical. i heard brentwood [obvi] is great for trauma. so we shall see what happens.

this fake smile is starting to hurt.. i wear it eight hours a day talking to stupid people. i swear that people leave their brains either AT HOME when they travel or it gets zapped in the machines at TSA. because some of the questions i get are fucking insane.

ALRIGHT. time to feed my brain.
xoxo JennyBRUTAL

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alala alala

ahhh... its my hump day, the middle of my week.
no plans for tonight, which is nice..

a certain someone is STILL not talking to me, over bullshit/NO reason[s].. so i give up. i am officially done, and letting go of the situation. if one day he changes his mind, he can prove to me that he still wants this friendship. but to be honest, the trust that was there has already been comprimised.. so things really can't go back to normal. its his loss, i was a really good friend to him. the only thing i *will* do is send him a FB birthday message, since he changed his number and went out of his way to not mention his new number to me. honestly, isn't that a sign? my true friends would have AT LEAST said "look, i'm not ready to talk yet but in case of an emergency this is my new number." maybe i should just remind myself more often that he is not at the maturity level expected of him.

but moving on from that nonsense, work is good... i am at gate 19 [as always, its my home away from home.] &my friend John [comair pilot] is a douche cause he went to LGA before visiting me at my gate. OH and Mich is here in the tower today, i must visit her ! it looks like it will be a good day... ;;knock on wood;; because now that i said that, i WILL get shit on... LOL.

alright everyone. =]] i'll catch ya laterrrrr
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=]] so its zombie jesus day, not that i celebrate that in my religion but still.

oooooh today is a KStew day...
WAIT! ...* EVERY*day is a KStew DAY! but really, today i have done nothing but read articiles and interviews... ;;le sigh;; oh KStew.. <3

its way too hot in the terminal and its making me flustered... mucho flustered.. i've been twittering like a beast again.
so feel free to read my insanity.

its too hot to think,
ill be back later.

ps- i LOVE my beautiful girlfriend. =]]

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work, work, work.
&&ive accumulated cookies while im here!
i love when flight attendants gives us stuffs.
woohoo =]]

i am sleepy today.. and i have makeup on so i can't rub my eyes... hmmmmmmmm. my friends are protesting the Avatar movie-- &&they are certainly correct in doing so-- but i am not joining them because i want to see jackson rathbone lmfso. but i prob won't see it until it is out of theaters. so fuck em. =]

yesterday was my sister's birthday so we hung out and swam for a few hours [after work]. THEN we were goofballs in the camper for the rest of the night. :D i had a lot of fun, and i am sure they did too. :D

tonight, maybe peachy pie.
thatd be awfully amazing.

ack flight time :D
fuck yes.
something to do.
i win.
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SO.. i most likely do not need surgery! =]]

the only rotten thing is i found out TODAY way after the fact, that i have a BONE BRUISE on the left side of my knee and the torn cartilage is on the right side. -.-

so he said it'll hurt on and off for the next six months, because a bone bruise takes months to heal.

at least all of that is cleared up. =]]

have i mentioned that i love egg sammiches?
esp on english muffins with mozz cheese.

catch you on the flip side.
xo Jenny BRUTAL
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hello all. ♥

so last night was an amazing night. =]]

i spent the day with my peaches && Jenee joined us, it was really, really good to see her. =]] i missed her oodles! &&then when peaches got tired Bauer wanted to hang out. it was nonstop laughter and nonsense.

i took care of my car insurance today, so that takes a huge weight off my shoulders.. now if only i could relieve the rest..

anyway, i had to call in sick today [boooo] because i have to go for my follow up visit with Dr. Kang regarding my knee, which will hopefully avoid the knife. i mean, i can JOG for fucks sake.. without pain. so i am pretty confident that surgery will be avoided. PHEW.

i am awaiting a phone call from my dear peach, joe has went on a trip to maine with his best friend [we miss him dearly!] so me and peaches are spending some time together. =]]

if anyone is a fan of twilight. [i am... obsessed, to put it lightly.] please check out my photobucket for TWILIGHT SAGA photos.

i might even start a twilight community. =o
the only issue is spreading the word without spamming, what a nuisance.

oh, and have i mentioned that i've been a lazy asshole? well, i've been a lazy asshole. i haven't finished the music-- or started to be honest-- for my New Moon inspired song, which i'd love to finish this week and get some big-wigs ears nearby it. i am sure nothing will come of this--but fun shall ensue regardless. =]] PLUS there are two more films that i can weasel my music into--or at least try.

currently: 84 days 12 hours and 2 minutes
until New Moon is released!! =]]
i am most def going to a midnight showing with my sister.. and whomever else would like to join! i am pretty sure i am going to buy tickets in advance, to escape the insanity. and YES i will cry when edward leaves AND returns, so suck my penis.

cause i sure as fuck do. =]]

anyways, oh damn.. it is 2pm already, off i go to my appointment for my knee. be back soon? i think so. ;]

xoxo Jenny BRUTAL
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(no subject)

heylloooooo everyone. =]]

i must say, i will try *ALL POSSIBLE* to find some meg pictures to post in my community today. ;]

other than that, im sad my boys ship back out tomorrow [Ant & Chris] back to boot camp for my loverfaces. =[[ i shall miss them ever so much!!! but we had fun times when they were visiting ^_^

it is ever so strange to use this lj, i havent in so long.. and i used to update 3x a day!!! [[in highschool]] oooooh dear, those were the days.. of lunacy.

Tischard is back today from his days off, &&ii am back from my leave [knee injury] so things are feeling normal again.

the King && Queen of Gate 19 are back, yO.
&&DON'T get it twisted.

alrightyyyyyyyy i am going to go try to find some 'stripes pics/news for my community!

xoxo, peace bitches.

Lady Jae
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bella running new moon

hey girl hey!

but anywaysss i am at work again, and it feels great.
they wasted NO TIME in getting me back to gate 19! looks like it is still my throne.

i had to take my lip ring out, which makes me sad! but its okay because its not the end of the world and i'm over it already.

i have been obsessively watching grey's anatomy, i am obsessed. it is my absolute favourite show that has ever existed, hands down. i have caught myself up in the past few days with older episodes. things make more sense now. i am bugging out about the new season, can it be sept 24th already!?!?

cigarette time!! so i will be back later AND REMEMBER.. i am quitting aug 30th!! =]] ♥
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