fall down again, bella?

no, emmett, i punched a werewolf in the face.

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wow! you came up with some great questions. that was actually interesting to read! i'm so happy for you darling. =D

thanks you. =]] !! Chris Weitz said it was a pleasure talking to me and that he really enjoyed my questions. [He also said he was glad I won the contest!] =]]

probably because your enthusiasm is palpable. ;)

:D i am a happeh ladeh

fall down again, bella?
no, i punched a werewolf in the face.


You asked him some great questions, and it was a really interesting read. Thank you so much for sharing

&thank YOU so much for reading! =]]

Questions 2 and 3 are seriously things I was curious about.

And congrats on winning the phone call you are one lucky Girl!

thank you ! =]] and doesn't that make you want to slap volvo? haha

Yeah it does make me wanna slap volvo. Edward and his silver volvo belong together. *lol*

Phone Convo w/ Chris Weitz

You did a terrific job of asking him interesting Q's. He seems like such a nice guy and was informative here. Congrats and thanks for sharing!

Re: Phone Convo w/ Chris Weitz

he was really really nice. =]] he thanked me several times, it was a great experience.

thanks for sharing this with us all :D

Hey Congrats! great questions! Im glad that you werent
a creepy fan asking about personal life of the actors!

A lot of my dudes were resolved! ;)

i wanted to find out about how they filmed things more than actors personal lives, all they do is get harassed.. you know?

Great questions and really informative answers from Chris. So glad you won and had this opportunity. Thanks very much for sharing your experience with all of us.


Your phone call was like a very professional interview. Great job! I learned new info too!


a big thank you to everyone who read and/or commented on this post!!


Great Questions!

I'm glad you asked about removed scenes, gets me psyched for the DVD release! I was extremely disappointed about Silversun Pickups being left out as they're my 5th favorite band, but I understand the reasoning behind it (Not much of the pickups is very dark. Some are sad, but not enough to portray the mood this film did.) Congratz on your win, and great questions!


The questions you came up with where really great! Thanks for letting us know how your conversation with Chris went.

Thanks for sharing! You asked some really great questions. I now have some answers that I have been waiting for.

whoa!! im soooo jelous of u!!but thx 4 puttin up d answers!!!

KUDOS to you for pulling this off with classy, relevant questions! Great job.

So cool! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

I'm so glad that you were chosen for the contest! You asked some really good questions! Questions 3 and 6 I was really curious about. And thanks so much for paraphrasing :)

I love the questions! Thanks for sharing them with all of us!! <3


Amazing Interview!!! i loved to read it!! congrats

Wow Amazing Questions ..... waiting for the dvd :D!!

I agree that the volvo should have remained silver. Don't you all remember how you felt when she would see him in her rearview, after she sneaked to see Jacob!

Great interview! Well done! :)

That was wonderful! The questions were interesting and you can tell they were from a fan. It's the questions of avid fans that usually make for great interview questions that other fans want to read about! Kudos!! And congrats for having won that contest!
(Wolfie from QuileuteWolfPack.com)


congrats on winning you asked so great ?s i really enjoyed reading it thanks for posting

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